A Complete healthcare app.
Doctors, Diagnostic tests, Scans, Ambulance, Pharmacy
And much more….

Arogyamitra is a unique map online based healthcare platform where essential medical services are just a few clicks away.
It is one of the best healthcare apps where you can book appointments with doctors, Laboratories and Scan centers for Diagnostic tests. Also, you can avail yourself or your loved ones of Ambulance services. We also have an online pharmacy and special features to keep you informed about health and fitness.

# Booking Doctor’s Appointment

Are you looking for an orthopedic surgeon in your locality for backache? Don’t worry; our map based online doctor’s appointment service will help you to book an appointment with any medical specialist in your locality or across the country in seconds. You can also check the doctor’s profile such as qualification, experience and OPD charges before booking an appointment. You can also get discount on OPD fees if you wish so. Arogyamitra will notify and remind you regarding your appointment status.

# Diagnostic Tests and Scan Booking

Why go to laboratory for your blood or urine tests when Arogyamitra is providing you home sample pickup option! With Arogyamitra you can access many accredited and trusted laboratories and Scan centers in your locality and city. You can choose tests or laboratories according to your convenience and cost involved.

# Online Ambulance Service

In case of medical emergencies every minute counts. Arogyamitra is the first and only healthcare app, which provides this unique map based lifesaver ambulance service. The ambulance will reach you in minutes whenever and wherever you need it. You can choose the ambulance according to type and approximate cost and even track the ambulance on map like a cab service. Arogyamitra provides Normal (PTV), Cardiac and Emergency ambulance services.

# Online Pharmacy

Artogyamitra provides access to many trusted online pharmacy distributers where you can order medicines easily without actually visiting the drug store. It will save lot of money and time if someone in your family is on routine medications for illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure. You can type medication name in search box or you can upload prescription and we will process your order.

# Stay Healthy With Arogyamitra

“Treatment without prevention is simply Unsustainable” Bill Gates.
In sickness and in health, Arogyamitra is with you like a true friend. Our ‘Stay Healthy’ section provides you access to Dieticians, Gymnasiums, Yoga centers and Personal trainers. We aim to prevent disease and prolong life.

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