Cancellation And Refund Policy

1. Payments Made on the Website or App

You may be required to make payments to use certain services or products provided by Arogyamitra through website or mobile application. These Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cancellation or Refund Policy governs the terms and conditions relating to such payments.
We care for our user, that’s why at Arogyamitra we have separate team to handle and process cancellation of appointments and refund requests. All the cancellations of appointment and refunds will be governed in accordance with Refund/Cancellation policy as mentioned bellow.
1. Consent
Please read this policy carefully to understand our cancellation and refund policies. It is understood that you have read entire Terms and conditions of Arogyamitra before you start using our website, mobile application and all the services provided by these mediums. By using the Website or App or by otherwise placing any order for products or reserving for any services using the Website or App, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to this cancellation / refund policy and agree to be bound by it. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, your choice is not to use our Website or App and the services or products offered to you.
Appointment fee
You may be required to pay an appointment fee in order to confirm booking with medical Practitioners or Laboratories or Scan centers. On making any appointment with any service provider, the user may be required to make a nominal fee payment on the Website or App . This Appointment Fee is charged to encourage users to make only confirmed appointments and dissuade casual appointments.

2. Cancellation of appointment by Users

i) If user for any reasons cancels an appointment with booked with service provider through Arogyamitra portal, refund will be processed in accordance with following policy .
ii) Cancellation of appointment with medical practitioners, Scan Centers or Laboratories is allowed from booking time till one hour before the exact day and time of appointment. Any cancellation or Refund requests sent after that time will not be processed by Arogyamitra .
iii) If user has paid for particular appointment through online payment gateway provided by Arogyamitra, payment refund will be processed according to refund policy as mention in our terms and conditions below.
iv) Nominal booking charges will be deducted from the entire sum which was paid by the user during appointment booking, which includes transection charges by payment gateway and booking convenience charges by Arogyamitra.
v) Once appointment is cancelled for a particular service through Arogyamitra platform , user cannot claim for the same appointment slot for the same service unless it is booked again.
vi) If user goes to a particular service provider ( medical practitioner, Scan center or Laboratory) after cancellation of appointment and gets denied for the service, Arogyamitra will not be responsible for that miss happening.

3. Cancellation of appointment by service providers:

i) Any service provider operating through Arogyamitra platform (Doctors, Laboratories, Scan Centers) has right to cancel any appointment for that particular service if it has been booked by user through Arogyamitra Website or mobile application.
ii) User will get notification of appointment cancellation on Arogyamitra portal as well as a text message to users registered mobile no.
iii) If user has paid for particular appointment through online payment gateway provided by Arogyamitra and service provider cancels an appointment , then full refund will be processed towards that cancelation to the user account within the time frame mentioned in the Refund/Cancellation policy .

4. Cancellation of Ambulance booking (Emergency, Cardiac and PTV)

i) Arogyamitra portal provides unique ambulance services .
ii) It is understood that user has read ambulance policy before start using the ambulance service.
iii) Cancellations are not allowed for any category of ambulance service booked through ambulance portal of Arogyamitra website or mobile application.
iv) Booking convenience fees will be charged for elective ambulance booking for Cardiac and PTV categories of ambulance services.
v) User of this service can not claim of refund or cancellation of this service once booked through Arogyamitra portal.

5. Emergency Ambulance Service Policy:

i) Arogyamitra is unique platform which also provides Map based Emergency ambulance service.
ii) Arogyamitra acts as a third party coordinating existing Emergency ambulance service providers in users locality to the user requesting for the emergency service.
iii) Arogyamitra do not provide guarantee that ambulance will reach at a requested spot within particular time.
iv) It is always advisable that user contact ambulance service provider as we provide contact details of ambulance service provider to the user once the ambulance is booked.
v) If ambulance fails to reach the requested spot or gets delayed due to any reasons Arogyamitra will not be responsible for such miss happenings.

6. Refund of subscribed plan or package in fitness services (Yoga, Gymnasium, Dietician, Personal Trainer)

i) If user wants to cancel any subscribed package under Stay Healthy section of Arogyamitra portal, user have to contact Arogyamitra support team for process of cancellation.
ii) Arogyamitra support team will confirm about the request from particular service provider listed on stay healthy section and then refund will be processed.
iii) The nominal booking charge will be deducted from the entire sum and refund will be settled within 7 to 10 working days .
iv) If any service provider under the stay healthy section denies the service package subscribed by user through Arogyamitra portal, complete refund will be processed after confirmation of such happening with service provider. And refund will be settled within 7 to 10 working days from date of contacting Arogyamitra support team.

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